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If you want to join the choir, read the FAQs below. If you are already a choir member, choose a destination below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dress requirements for the concert?

Wear concert black. If you will be wearing a dress or skirt, ensure it is at least knee-length. 

If you are wearing a dress, ensure it has =sleeves (no tank tops). If you are wearing pants, wear a long-sleeve shirt with a black tie. Shoes should be black. Do not use scented perfume/cologne.

Music should be in a black binder.

Do I need to wear my concert attire for dress rehearsal?

No, you can wear casual clothing for the dress rehearsal. Wear comfortable shoes.


What should I bring to rehearsal?

You will need a binder and a pencil. You can also use a tablet if you prefer, but make sure you can annotate the music. Don't forget to stay hydrated! There is a water fountain available, but water bottles are encouraged.

How do I know if rehearsal is canceled?

If there is inclement weather or a scheduling conflict, you will get an email from reminding you that there is no rehearsal.

How do I join Staunton Choral Society?

Staunton Choral accepts new members at the beginning of the Spring and Fall seasons. You can contact us at for more information.

What do I do if I can't make it to rehearsal?

We encourage you to make as many rehearsals as possible. If you do need to miss rehearsal, email our Secretary at as soon as you know you won't be there.

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